Financial Health Check

Read the pulse of your business trend

Evaluate your key parameters like accounts, income, expenses, savings, assets &  liabilities that help grow your business. we help you with this critical step in your financial planning and in strengthening your funds.

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Evaluate your KPIs to understand the pulse of your business. Assess on the liquidity, profitability, and operating efficiency. The measurable values which demonstrates how effectively the company is achieving its key business objectives.

KPI’s are measured using

Financial Metrics – EBIT, EBITDA, Break-even point, Contribution margin, Interest coverage ratio, Average collection period.
Sales metrics – Sales target, sales per region, per salesman, growth trend, lead to sales %, product performance, No. of customer complaints, sales awards & recognition.
Supply Chain metrics – Inventory turnover ratio, Days Sales Inventory (DSI), Obsolete stock, Slow-moving stock, Carrying cost of inventory, On-time deliveries.

An organization is said to be its best when the revenues are growing steadily, expenses are balanced with low debt ratios, and increase in the profitability ratios.

PCFO team can help you with the KPI identification, tracking and analysis for effective business management.

Cash Flow

Cash is a critical need for every business without which no business can survive. It must be managed aggressively and the management should be fully aware of the availability of cash and the expense limit. In the event of surplus cash, optimum utilization is mandatory, and in times of deficit, the management must be fully equipped to bridge the gap. Cash forecasts helps improve cash collection, payment cycle to vendors, and much more.

PCFO team takes care of preparation & review of daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual cash flow statements and helps the management take right decisions at the right time.

Financial Plan

Budgeting and forecasting are important part of the business plan. It helps to set targets for income and expenditure and demonstrate accountability as the year progresses.

The most financially stable businesses have a budget and a forecast. There goes a saying, “Take control of what’s coming in and due to go out of the business”. Right to using an asset needs careful financial planning and wise decision on the purchase. Proper financial planning gives a clear road map on the financial aspects and helps achieve the financial goals.

PCFO team supports all through with the critical planning and help the organization to make right decisions at the right time.

Profit Enhancement

The objective of every business is to maximize profits, which key for the survival of the business. Businesses with large customer base might be forced to close for financial deficiencies. This calls for a highly strategic planning with the goal to attain profitability within a timeline.

PCFO team is all set to help out on this mission. Starting from discussions with the management, understanding the business, review of the financials, Customer iteration, Pricing policy, Debt management, Cash management, Cost control measures, Production efficiency, Risk management, scissor cut required for any activity, investment required for enhancing production levels, increasing marketing scope and provides a detailed report recommending for improvement areas.

Cost Control Measures

Cost control is prevention of waste within the existing system. For cost control, the plan or the budget has to be in place which can be compared from time to time and if the costs are exceeding the budget then various measures are to be taken to control cost. PCFO team can study and support the management to identify the potential areas wherein cost can be controlled – production process, waste management, plant capacity utilization, manage inventory, risk management – Forex & Insurance, Training to workers and employees to improve productivity, lean management, regular analysis of the important ratios, use of latest technology to reduce communication cost, travel cost, improving negotiation skills, continuous review of costs, alternate options for power & fuel, identify new vendors, float open tenders for procurement, restructuring the organization, etc.

Risk Assessment

Any uncertain event or condition would have an adverse impact on achieving the business objective. Hence risk management cannot be ignored and managing risk is one of the major elements of business functions.

Measure the potential outcome of the risks involved in a business. Business risks are of varied size, shapes, and forms. They might be due to external or internal reasons.

PCFO team can help you to identify the risk areas and advise you on how much of the risk can be borne and what needs to be insured.

Business Growth Plan

We provide you with top level business suggestions adding value and enabling cost savings to keep you focused on growth and success. Our accurate financial reporting, support in major decision-making, advice on business funding, identifying business risks and suggesting corrective actions, we would be custom-fit for your business.

With our cash flow functions, budgeting and accounting, we work together with you in your growth. We also forecast your business performance and help take corrective actions wherever deviations occur.