Payroll Services

Payroll management is normally a time-consuming task with chances of confusion. We at Pratique provide you with a complete payroll management that takes you off this burden and enables seamless salary credit to your employees.

Our dedicated team works 24/7 with a systematic approach taking care of everything. We are your trusted partner not only for accounting needs but for your payroll system as well. Our team reaches out to concerned stakeholders for information and executes the process without much hassles.

We provide with expert advice handle employee on-boarding and during attrition, we handle off-boarding for a hassle-free termination from the payroll system. Hence, let go off your paycheck model and entrust with us the payroll management.

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Payroll is a critical task in any business operation. PCFO accounts team will handle everything from editing employee information in your payroll system, adding new employees, modifying costs, and recording employee hours in addition, payroll tax payments and filings. Our team can set up a new payroll system or modify the existing system to balance the current trend.